Sports, Entertainment, Event - Management - BS

The Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management (SEEM) bachelor's degree program prepares students to enter the multi-billion-dollar sports, entertainment and event management industry with the skills and knowledge to excel in their career. A managerial foundation provides a solid core of industry-relevant courses and a theoretical background. Coursework is coupled with professional preparation, active-learning classrooms and access to industry professionals.

During the first year of this four-year program, students begin taking foundational courses in sports, entertainment and event management. As they progress into more advanced coursework, students have the option of moving into specializations to begin tailoring their degree to best meet their future goals. Specializations such as Sports Management, Event Management, Live Entertainment Management or General Studies are available to all incoming freshmen. Courses within the program include professional sports management, athletics coaching and administration, weddings and ceremonies, sports and entertainment marketing, concert and event production, media literacy, ticketing methods and data analysis, international venue management, contract negotiations and agreements, and ancillary services/revenue management.

With 22.5 free electives available, students also have the option to participate in one or two term-long, off-site internships under the direction of an industry professional. This experience allows students to actively participate in the real-world setting of sales and marketing, sports management, venue management, event production, and golf course/private club operations. Students can also choose to participate in a study abroad program, select a minor or take additional courses outside of their discipline to enhance their learning experience.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Apply the major concepts, skills and values of the sports, entertainment and event management industry by integrating the concepts of marketing, finance, operations and ancillary services in the management of a range of events.
  • Communicate effectively to diverse audiences, purposes and situations in a variety of contexts within the sports, entertainment and event management industry.
  • Use decision-support tools to solve problems and facilitate organizational processes by applying critical thinking and ethical problem solving to management decisions within the sports, entertainment and event management industry.
  • Apply the principles of management to current issues in the sports, entertainment and event management industry.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and adapt them to a diverse global market in the sports, entertainment and event management industry.

Graduates of the Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management degree program are prepared for a variety of careers within amateur and professional sports teams, entertainment venues, conferences and trade shows, event management and production companies. Options exist both nationally and internationally for graduates of this program.

Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management

A four-year program leading to the bachelor of science degree

Business Foundations
ACCT1210Financial Accounting4.5
FIT1040Spreadsheet Design for Business Solutions4.5
LAW2001The Legal Environment of Business I4.5
MRKT1001Principles of Marketing4.5
Major Courses
MGMT2001Human Resource Management4.5
SEE1001Introduction to the Sports, Entertainment and Event Management Industry4.5
SEE1010Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management First Year Student Seminar2.25
SEE2005The Business of Sports4.5
SEE2020The Business of Event Management4.5
SEE2030The Business of the Entertainment Industry4.5
SEE3008Ancillary Services and Revenue Management in the Sports, Entertainment and Event Industry4.5
SEE3010Ticketing Methods and Data Analysis in Sports, Entertainment and Event Management4.5
SEE3045New Media Literacy in Sports, Entertainment and Event Management4.5
SEE3065Fundamentals of Fundraising and Philanthropy4.5
SEE3099Sports/Entertainment/Event Management Internship *13.5
SEE3160Sponsorship, Sales and Relationship Management4.5
SEE3850Negotiations and Agreements in Hospitality, Sports, Entertainment and Event Management4.5
SEE4050International Sports, Entertainment, Event and Venue Management4.5
SEE4060Sports/Entertainment/Event Management Seminar4.5
A&S Core Experience
Communications Foundation Courses 13.5
English Composition
Advanced Composition and Communication
Communication Skills
Integrative Learning 9
Two ILS courses, one at the 2000 level, one at the 4000 level
Arts and Humanities 9
Ethics: A Global Perspective
One course from ART, HIST, HUM‡, LIT or REL
A Survey of College Mathematics (or higher, based on student's placement)
One course from BIO^, CHM±, PHY° or SCI
Social Sciences 9
One course from ANTH°°, LEAD, PSCI, PSYC or SOC
A&S Electives9
Two courses with an EASC attribute, at least one at 3000 level or higher.
Free Electives #
22.5 credits selected from 1000-4999 numbered offerings within the university. 22.5
Total Credits182.25

Internships will be available for the Sports, Entertainment, Event-Management program, but they will not be required. For online students who do not wish to register for an internship, three 3000+ Hospitality discipline-specific courses can be taken in place of the internship.

Visit Courses by Subject Code for a listing of all campus courses.

‡HUM courses are not offered in North Miami or Online.
^BIO courses are not offered in North Miami, Charlotte or Online.
±CHM courses are not offered in North Miami or Online.
°PHY courses are not offered in Charlotte or Online.
°°ANTH courses are not offered in North Miami or Charlotte.

#  In addition to classes, free elective credit can be applied to a number of options such as Directed Experiential Education (DEE), Internship, Minor or Study Abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to contact an advisor before scheduling free elective credits.

NOTE: Students must pass MATH0010 Basic Mathematics or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in required math course(s).

Students who graduate with a bachelor's degree must leave Johnson & Wales University with effective writing skills. These writing skills will be assessed at the completion of ENG1021 Advanced Composition and Communication.

In collaboration with academic colleges across all JWU campuses, JWU Study Abroad programs offer a variety of options for major, Arts & Science and elective credit at many price points for students during the academic year and summer. Financial aid is applicable and scholarships are available. Visit the study abroad website for information, program descriptions and online applications.