Additional Readmittance Criteria

  • Any readmittance to the university is subject to the university’s current admissions requirements.
  • Students will not be readmitted into a program that has been discontinued.
  • Students seeking readmittance after academic suspension/dismissal must include documentation in their request that indicates improvement in areas of deficiency. A decision will be determined by the Academic Appeals Committee. Please refer to the Academic Dismissal and Appeal Process.
  • Readmittance after a university suspension must be done so in accordance with the process outlined by Community Standards and Conduct.
  • Students seeking readmittance after a voluntary medical withdrawal must forward required medical documentation and any other documentation to Health Services or Counseling Services. The documentation must be evaluated and approved as described in Voluntary Medical Withdrawal to determine whether the student is ready to return to the university.
  • Students requesting readmittance after attending another institution must meet residency requirements. Students must submit an official college transcript to Student Academic Services within the first semester of their readmittance for the university to review transfer credit.
  • International students must be cleared and approved by International Student Services Office.
  • Students must have submitted verification of high school completion and/or bachelor’s degree completion (as applicable) in order to be approved for readmittance.

To submit a request for readmittance, students must complete an On-Campus Program Readmittance Request or Online Program Readmittance Request form. The readmittance request should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the requested semester start date.

Following a completed review, the student will receive notification regarding the status of the request. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing. If approved, the student will receive instructions regarding course registration, as well as the presence of any holds, which must be cleared prior to being permitted to participate in course registration.