Drone Use Policy

Policy Statement

To set forth requirements for the use of any drone on campus or on university owned or controlled property


Drone — An unmanned aircraft system controlled by an operator on the ground

Reason for Policy

Johnson & Wales University must ensure that operation of a drone on university-owned or -controlled property is within the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration, state laws, and any other locally applicable laws or regulations regarding unmanned aircraft systems.

This policy is to establish procedures to ensure compliance with those legal obligations and to reduce risks to safety, security and privacy on a JWU campus or on university-owned or -controlled property.

  • Recreational use of a drone is prohibited from any JWU-owned or -controlled property.

  • Requests for educational or commercial use of a drone for a university purpose shall be made directly to the campus’s applicable safety & security director. If approved, the approved drone operator must follow all applicable Federal Aviation Administration rules and any state and local laws pertaining to the registration and operation of a drone.