Online Courses

The university offers a select number of online courses to undergraduate students at select JWU campuses. Before students register for an online course, they should review what to expect in online classes. Students may not register for more than 13.5 credits in online courses in any given term.

International Students

Undergraduate Students

International undergraduate students residing in the United States must not exceed a maximum of 3 credits of online course credit as part of their full-time (12 credits) course-load requirement per term.  Students who meet their full time course load would be eligible to enroll in excess online course credit.

Graduate Students

International graduate students residing in the United States are required to enroll in 9 credits of face to face courses as part of their full time (9 credits) course-load requirement per term.  Online courses are not allowed to count toward the full time course load requirement.  Students who meet their full time course load would be eligible to enroll in excess online course credit. 

Computer Requirements 

In order to fully participate in online courses, each student is expected to have access to a computer that meets minimum requirements. In an effort to maximize the functionality of the online learning platform, changes are occasionally made to the platform that lead to changes in the minimum requirements.

As of January 2016, the minimum requirements are as follows. Check the Computer and Browser Requirements for up-to-date information.

Operating System
PCWindows 7 or higher
MacMac OS 10.8+
512 MB minimum; 1 GB recommended
Free Disk Space
4 GB or higher
PC1.7 GHz or higher
MacPowerMac or higher
Browser (one or more of the following)
Internet Explorer 9.0+ (Windows only)
Mozilla Firefox 31.0+
Google Chrome 36+
Safari 6+ (Mac OS only)
*International students should consider using Firefox or Safari for best performance.
Browser Settings
JavaScript enabled, popup blockers disabled and cookies enabled
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or higher
Macromedia Flash Player 9.0 or higher
Java Standard Edition 7 or higher
Supplementary Software
Ability to save documents in a format that can be opened by Microsoft Office
Ability to view documents created in Microsoft Office
Anti-virus software
Internet Connection
Broadband connection (DSL, cable, ISDN, etc.) with consistent high-speed connectivity
Other Hardware
Speakers or a headset

Technical support is provided via the University IT Service Desk, which can be reached at 866-JWU-HELP (866-598-4357) or through a link in ulearn, the online course platform.

Note: A mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices that allows you to complete some online course tasks. A desktop or laptop computer is required for successful completion of all online course tasks.