Honors Program

The Honors Program offers opportunities to academically talented day program students seeking bachelor’s degrees to explore challenging and stimulating courses. Students are invited to apply during the Admissions process if they have taken a college prep curriculum, maintained a grade point average of 3.50 or higher, and placed in the top 20 percent of their high school graduating class. 

Students can also apply to the Honors Program after their first semester if they have a 3.6 GPA and a faculty recommendation.

Honors students enroll in honors-designated courses in the Arts & Sciences Core Experience, including smaller, student-centered honors seminars and research courses. The Honors Program culminates in a traditional honors thesis or approved research project. These experiences provide students the opportunity to work closely with some of the university's most dedicated and accomplished faculty, join a community of academically motivated students, and pursue original and individually directed study.

Students who participate in the Honors Program can graduate with one of three Honors designations:

  1. Chancellor's Honors Scholar (24 credits of Honors courses including 6 credits of research)

  2. President's Honors Scholar (18 credits of Honors courses including 6 credits of research)

  3. Provost's Honors Scholar (12 credits of Honors courses including 6 credits of Honors-designated courses at the 2000-level or higher and 6 credits of research)

A 3.6 GPA or higher is required to graduate with an Honors Scholar distinction.

Further information about Honors Program curriculum, advising and policies is available at the Honors Program website.

Transfer Students

Transfer students may enter the Honors Program in their first semester by providing documentation of Honors Program enrollment at their former institution and a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of their acceptance to Johnson & Wales University.

Contact the Honors Program director on your campus for application details.