Except as set forth below, no person shall possess a firearm, gun or explosive device of any kind on university property or in any buildings or facilities owned, controlled or used by the university. Exceptions to this policy are limited to the following:

  • Licensed and authorized possession and use by federal, state and municipal law enforcement officials (“law enforcement officials”) in the course of their official duties
  • Firearms and guns of off-duty law enforcement officials that have been properly disarmed and secured in vehicles outside of university buildings
  • In instances where an off-duty law enforcement official is required to carry a firearm or gun while off duty as a condition of employment, after prior written notification to the director of security or his or her designee, provided that such instances may be limited as directed by the director of security or his or her designee
  • In instances where there is a demonstrated operational or administrative need, such as to allow courier services to pick up or deliver currency and to allow financial institutions to service automated teller machines located on campus, but only to the extent authorized, in writing, by the director of security or his or her designee.