Course Registration

This section of the student handbook includes general information regarding course registration. Students should select the appropriate section for specific details. Detailed registration information and steps can be found by visiting Registration Information

Staying on track and maintaining a graduation date is important, especially to help avoid incurring unnecessary financial debt. Not planning appropriately or withdrawing from any course (especially a prerequisite requirement) could result in extra time at the university, which results in additional charges and payments and potentially more student loans that students will need to repay.

Additionally, taking classes that don't meet degree requirements can/will cause graduation delays. Financial aid cannot be used to pay for classes that do not count toward degree requirements (i.e., an "unused" course). In the event students remain registered for an unused course during the semester, their net tuition expense could be higher, resulting in a balance on their invoice.

Students should also familiarize themselves with the Repeat of Courses Policy and Full-time Status requirements.

Note: Students who have met the degree requirements for their program of study but continue to enroll in courses in a subsequent semester will automatically be enrolled as an extension student in the subsequent semester and will be ineligible for financial aid.