Portfolio Assessment

Undergraduate students may earn credits for the knowledge or skills they have mastered outside the classroom through volunteer work, employment, travel programs, organizations or other comparable sources. 

Students are required to meet with an academic advisor to discuss these options.

Prior to applying for the Portfolio Assessment option, students are required to successfully complete ENG1020 Rhetoric & Composition I, or a higher-level writing course. Students applying for a graduate-level portfolio must possess an awarded bachelor's degree.

Students must complete the mandatory online Portfolio Development Seminar before submitting a finalized portfolio for review. While there are no regularly scheduled meetings, students are expected to participate in the seminar activities that lead toward the completion of the portfolio. The individual components of the portfolio are covered in self-paced segments.

Portfolios must be submitted within six months of the published seminar begin date. Completed portfolios are submitted electronically to the appropriate department designee for review. The portfolio must contain a narrative and evidence that reflects demonstrated proficiency meeting at least 70% of the respective course outcomes for undergraduate portfolios and 83% for graduate portfolios. Students are notified of the outcome once the assessment is completed. If credit is denied for a portfolio, the student has 10 days upon notification to file a written appeal for review. 

Participation in the prior learning seminar does not constitute enrollment at Johnson & Wales University. As such, any fees associated with involvement in the portfolio seminar are not eligible for financial aid.

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