Term/Semester Start Requirements

Term/semester start requirements are mandatory and must be satisfied prior to enrollment. In order to be considered officially enrolled in classes at the start of each term/semester, all university term/semester start requirements must be satisfied. Students who fail to fulfill these requirements will have holds placed on their accounts and be prohibited from entering classes or changing their schedules. In some instances, schedules will be deleted and, if applicable, housing assignments will be removed.

Prior to each term/semester’s posted deadline for the term/semester start requirements, all students must complete (or confirm completion of) the following requirements. Deadlines are set forth in the Academic Calendar and included in many email communications.

All students must

  1. Participate in course registration.
  2. Contact Student Academic & Financial Services to review their invoices and payment arrangements.
    1. Invoices are mailed beginning in May (for the fall term/semester), and emailed in October (for the winter term), December (for the spring semester) and January (for the spring term).
    2. Students are encouraged to contact Student Academic & Financial Services to streamline the process of completing the term/semester start requirements
  3. Meet the Payment Deadline Requirement.

If applicable, students must also

  1. Satisfy the financial aid requirements.
  2. Satisfy high school requirements and receive a high school diploma (all new undergraduate students), bachelor's requirements (all new graduate students) or master’s requirements (all new postgraduate students) by submitting final, official documentation.
  3. Satisfy the health services requirement (all new students).
  4. Satisfy the international student services requirement.

Payment Deadline Requirement

A payment deadline has been established for each term/semester. Prior to this deadline, all students must establish (or confirm) an appropriate and approved payment plan with Student Academic & Financial Services. Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in immediate and permanent deletion of the student’s schedule, and a financial hold will be placed on the student’s account. In this instance, students will be permitted to register only when holds no longer exist on their record. Students who have not registered by a term/semester’s deadline for completing term/semester start requirements will be required to complete their payment arrangements, as well as satisfy all other hold(s) if applicable, before being able to register for courses. Students who subsequently satisfy their payment arrangements shall have no guarantee that they will be able to re-register for the same course(s) and/or section(s) from which they were dropped.

Financial planning representatives are available in Student Academic & Financial Services to help students and families satisfy the payment deadline requirement (see Financial Services for contact information). 1, or a combination, of the following options constitutes an appropriate payment plan:

  • Pay the entire annual balance due to Johnson & Wales University.
  • Make a term/semester payment in full to Johnson & Wales University.
  • Pay the enrollment fee and the first month’s payment to Tuition Management Systems (TMS), the university’s monthly payment plan company.
  • Apply for and receive approval for a loan that covers the entire annual balance due to Johnson & Wales University.
  • Submit company authorization for tuition reimbursement.

Financial Aid Requirement

To receive financial aid, students must first complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) with the U.S. Department of Education as soon as possible after October 1; the completed FAFSA must then be on file with Student Academic & Financial Services. If selected for verification, all requested documentation (e.g., parents’ federal tax transcript, student’s federal tax transcript, verification worksheets, etc.) must be received in Student Academic & Financial Services by the posted term/semester’s deadline for completing term/semester start requirements. Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in the placement of holds on the student’s account and will prohibit the student from entering class or changing their schedule.

International Student Services Office Requirement

Johnson & Wales University, in accordance with federal regulations, requires that all international students maintain current and complete documentation with the International Student Services Office. Students should contact the office directly to verify that their records are complete. Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in the placement of an international student hold on the student’s account. If this hold is not cleared by the end of the add/drop period, the student’s schedule will be immediately deleted and the student will be considered withdrawn from the term and as a result, their immigration status will be compromised.

Health Services Requirement

Prior to the first term of enrollment, the university requires all new, full-time undergraduate and graduate students, part-time undergraduate students in a health science program, and all culinary students to submit proof of a complete physical exam conducted within the past year, including documented proof of:  2 doses of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine (or titers if applicable), 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine (or titers if applicable), 3 doses of tetanus-diphtheria vaccine (including at least 1 Tdap dose within the past 10 years), 2 doses of the chicken pox vaccine (or titers if applicable) or proof of physician-diagnosed disease, and 1 dose of meningitis vaccine. If you received your first meningitis vaccine prior to age 16, a booster is required. A waiver of the meningitis vaccine requirement is available for students 22 years of age and older (please contact Health Services for further information). Also, students should check with their primary care provider as to whether the new meningitis Type B vaccine is appropriate for them. In addition, a negative tuberculosis test or chest x-ray within the last year is required for entering students who are from highly endemic countries and have been residents of the United States for less than 5 years. A list of countries where tuberculosis is highly endemic is available upon request from Health Services.

The hepatitis A vaccine is strongly recommended but not required.

Any student who is under the age of 18 upon enrollment must also submit proof of the polio vaccine series (Charlotte Campus only).

Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in the placement of a Health Services Hold on the students' account and will prohibit students from entering class or changing their schedule. Visit Health Requirements for additional information and required forms.