A minor provides students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding in a secondary area of inquiry independent of the academic major for the purpose of personal enrichment and/or to enhance options for both for career employment and graduate studies.

  • To earn a minor, a student must complete a minimum of 22.5 quarter credits in a single prescribed area of study concurrently with his or her bachelor’s degree requirements.
  • Internships and individual courses offered through study abroad may apply. 
  • A student may not create their own minor.
  • Credits earned toward a major cannot be applied to the minor.
  • A maximum of 9.0 quarter credit hours of transfer credit can be applied to the attainment of a minor.
  • Pursuing a minor may extend the amount of time needed to complete a degree program.
  • The successful completion of a minor will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript when the degree is awarded. A minor will not be applied to a student’s academic transcript after the degree has been awarded. No form of honors or grade point average will be issued for the minor.