High School/College Verification

All students who have been accepted for admission to Johnson & Wales University must provide verification of high school completion. International students need to submit an official, final transcript, diploma and/or official examination results, with original stamps, signatures and award date.

Students do not need to provide high school verification if at least one of the following situations pertains to them:

  • Successful completion of an associate degree program
  • Successful completion of at least 60 semester or trimester credit hours or 72 quarter credit hours that does not result in the awarding of an associate degree, but that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor's degree at any institution
  • Enrollment in a bachelor's degree program where at least 60 semester or trimester credit hours or 72 quarter credit hours have been successfully completed, including credit hours transferred into the bachelor's degree program. The student must provide a college transcript for verification of completed college earned hours.

Transfer students must submit official transcripts from previous colleges/universities attended. Graduate students must submit official transcripts/mark sheets from all institutions attended and diploma showing bachelor's degree conferral.

Without such verification, students may not be allowed to register for the current semester or continue enrollment and will be in jeopardy of losing their academic status with the university as well as their immigration status. For international students, a loss of immigration status will require their immediate departure from the U.S.