Study Abroad

JWU Study Abroad offers students of all majors the opportunity to earn academic credit while taking classes and studying internationally. Study abroad promotes global citizenship and community engagement through international study on exchange, faculty-led, short-term, affiliate and term programs. Study Abroad opportunities are available that allow students to delve into many different areas of interest all over the world (i.e., explore farm-to-table cuisine and learn from elite chefs in Paris; practice leadership and nature tour guiding skills in South Africa; study fashion and design in Italy; learn regional Asian culinary skills in Singapore; discover volcanic wines and tourism in the Azores; or expand the freshman experience with general studies in Berlin).

In collaboration with academic colleges across all JWU campuses, JWU Study Abroad programs offer a variety of options for major, minor, Arts & Science, and elective credit at many price points for students during the academic year and summer. Financial aid is applicable and scholarships are available. Visit the study abroad website for information, program descriptions and online applications.