Enrollment Verification

For the purposes of financial aid and verification of enrollment, a student is considered enrolled in the term/semester by the census date if they are in attendance by the second class meeting or, for online courses, by meeting the first stated task deadline (e.g., posting an introduction in the Discussion Board).

Students may print their own enrollment certificates conveniently and easily via jwuLink. These certificates can be viewed or printed by the student and then sent to student service providers. Students can also view deferments sent to lenders.

The official provider of enrollment certification for the university is the National Student Clearinghouse. Enrollment data is reported to the clearinghouse every 30 days. If a student has registered late, this information may not be reported until the submission of the next file.

The enrollment certificate will provide details on whether a student is enrolled full time, half time or less than half time for the current term/semester or for all of the terms/semesters they have been enrolled at the university. Certifications can be used for insurance companies, scholarships, good student discounts, prospective employment and all other services that require proof of being enrolled at the university. Each certification that the National Student Clearinghouse supplies is an official university document.

The following are the criteria for classification of enrollment by level of program and credit hours of registration:

Status Undergraduate Graduate Post Graduate
Full-time 12 or more 9 or more 12 or more
Three-quarter time 9–11.99 n/a n/a
Half-time 6–8.99 6–11.99 6–11.99
Less than half-time 0–5.99 0–5.99 0–5.99

National Student Clearinghouse

Johnson & Wales University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verification. Potential employers or services providers are directed to verify a student’s status through degree verification. Refer to The National Student Clearinghouse for contact information. 

The university began submitting data to the National Student Clearinghouse in September 1999.