Refund Policies

General Policy

To the extent that any charges due to the university remain unpaid, no refund check will be issued. No tuition or fees (other than the reservation fee for undergraduate students) will be assessed for term/semesters that the student does not begin. Students who withdraw from the university prior to the end of the academic year may have their financial aid adjusted.* Institutional grants and scholarships, where applicable, will be reduced in proportion to any tuition credit received as defined in the university’s Withdrawal Credit Policy. The distribution formula for refunds to the Federal Student Financial Aid program will be calculated according to federal regulations. The university’s Withdrawal Credit Policy applies to all withdrawals from the university, voluntary or involuntary.

Unofficial Withdrawal from the University

Federal regulations require that a student who begins attendance but fails to earn a passing grade in at least one course in any term/semester and does not officially withdraw shall be considered as having unofficially withdrawn from the university unless the university can document that the student completed at least 60 percent of the period of enrollment and earned the grade of F. A student must be engaged in academically related activities beyond 60 percent of the enrollment period to retain eligibility for federal, institutional and external financial aid. If a student was not engaged in an academically related activities beyond 60 percent, they will be assigned a withdrawal date based on the last date of an academically related activity. All other instances when a student withdraws without providing official notification will be the 60 percent point of the period of enrollment, as applicable. A student who does not earn at least one passing grade during a term for which federal funds were disbursed will have a Return of Title IV Funds calculation performed to determine how much of the federal funds were earned. Unearned federal funds must be returned to the source, in most cases with a charge to the student's university account.

University enrollment disputes must be submitted online within 30 days after the end of the term/semester during which the student was enrolled. To submit a dispute, students must complete the appropriate form online. No adjustments to tuition and fees or financial aid will be made until the dispute is researched and either approved or denied. No disputes will be considered after 30 days from the end of the term/semester in which the student was enrolled. Decisions will be made within 10 business days and students will receive notification via the email address provided on the dispute form.