Videography and Still Photography on Campus Policy

The prior written approval of university Communications & Media Relations (CMR) is required to shoot videos or still images on Johnson & Wales University (JWU) property in the following circumstances:

  1. Companies, organizations and individuals who are not JWU students, faculty or staff must always obtain CMR’s prior written authorization.
  2. JWU students, faculty or staff, if they are acting on behalf of an outside company (including businesses they own), organization or individual, and/or if the image or video will be shown or available outside of JWU’s campus.

For the above 2 conditions, an appropriate agreement must also be entered into between the parties. In addition, before the use of videos or still images where individuals are identifiable, the photographer must obtain a binding written release of each such individual.

University faculty, staff and students shooting videos or still images on JWU property for personal use or in conjunction with an academic course or other university program or activity do not need to seek approval if the final product will only be shown on campus.

Until a university policy is formally established, JWU prohibits the indoor and outdoor use of drones on JWU property. Thereafter, drone use must comply with that policy.

JWU reserves the right to seek or require removal of any video or photograph using the university’s identity from social media and other websites

  1. for which prior written consent was needed,
  2. use of which violates any agreement with, or policy of, the university, or
  3. except as provided by law, portrays anything that would be reasonably interpreted to be detrimental in any respect to the reputation or operations of JWU.


Anyone required to seek approval to shoot video or still images on campus in accordance with this policy must submit an online request form to CMR to include a detailed description of the proposed project at least 15 business days prior to the project start date. Exceptions to the approval time frame will be permitted in limited circumstances. The request form requires the following information:

  • name and description of the organization or individual making the request
  • JWU Campus: Providence, North Miami, Denver, Charlotte
  • locations on campus desired to video/photograph
  • desired dates to video/photograph
  • brief summary of project
  • requester’s contact information

The specifics of the approved project will be incorporated into a formal agreement, which must be signed by a representative from both parties. If there are significant changes to the project after a formal agreement has been reached, then the person seeking approval to shoot video or still images on JWU property must resubmit the parameters of the project.

Production companies and outside organizations shooting video or still images on campus must maintain and provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage, which will be outlined in the formal agreement between the parties. A project exclusively produced by university students, staff or faculty does not require insurance coverage.