Financial Obligations

Continuation as a student in good financial standing is conditional upon being current in all financial obligations (i.e., tuition and fees) to the university, including loans in which the university appears as a holder or guarantor. Diplomas will not be granted, nor transcripts released, and enrollment in future semesters will be prohibited until a student’s financial obligations have been deemed current.

Repaying loans helps establish favorable credit ratings that make it easier for students to buy homes, rent apartments, purchase cars, obtain credit cards, find employment, further their education or open checking accounts. Students should call Student Academic & Financial Services to review how much they have borrowed or for more information about their student loans. Developing a budget that considers loan payments is highly recommended. Students should notify their loan holder and JWU if there are any changes to their address and/or phone number.

**Please note that Student Academic Services, Experiential Education & Career Services, and Center for Academic Support are integrated on the Charlotte Campus. The department is now called the Academic & Career Excellence Center (ACE Center).