University diplomas display the student’s legal name, graduation date and degree, along with the name and seal of the institution and the signatures of university officials. If the student has earned applicable honors, this accomplishment is indicated. The diploma shows the title of the degree the student has earned (e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration, etc.); it does not include the student’s major(s). A student’s major, minor, specialization and/or concentration will appear on the academic transcript.

Diplomas will be issued provided all financial obligations with the university have been met (e.g., unreturned library materials or replacement fees, athletic gear not returned). Students may review holds in jwuLink

Generally, diplomas are issued six-to-eight weeks after degree completion. Only one diploma is issued per degree and will be mailed to the address the student indicates on the graduation application. Students will receive notification via email when their diploma has been shipped.

Students may check the status of their diploma order online. Students should log in using their last name and student ID.

Diploma sizes are as follows:

  • Undergraduate diplomas are 8.5"x11".
  • Graduate diplomas are 11"x14".
  • Doctoral diplomas are 12"x15".

Online Diploma Services

Graduates may use the online diploma services provided by the vendor's website to

  • Check the status of a diploma.
  • Order and download an e-diploma. (Note: An e-diploma is a certified PDF copy of an issued diploma.) 
  • Order a replacement copy of a diploma.*
  • Order a duplicate copy/copies of a diploma.*

Graduates must have their personal secure ID to place orders through the online diploma services. This secure ID is provided in the shipping confirmation email(s) sent to graduates when their diploma(s) ships. Note: The secure ID is not the same as the student ID number.

Graduates who do not have a secure ID must submit a Diploma Request through the online diploma services. Once the university verifies the graduate’s identity and earned degree, an email containing the secure ID will be sent. Please allow up to three business days for processing the request.  Please note that longer periods of time may be required during peak request periods and for records prior to 2000. Note: All graduates that completed a degree prior to May 2006 must submit a Diploma Request.

The original copy of a diploma is free of charge. Payments for e-diplomas and replacement/duplicate copies of diplomas are made directly to the vendor through the online diploma services. The cost of an e-diploma is $5. The cost of a replacement diploma is $15 for an undergraduate diploma and $20 for a graduate diploma. Express shipping may also be arranged through the online diploma services. Addition to catalog page:  The shipping time for the diplomas is typically 2-3 weeks for orders within the United States and 4-6 weeks for international orders. If it is beyond sufficient time for delivery and the student has not received their diploma, they should reach out to the Graduation Team at grad.pvd@jwu.edu.

*This service is not available for doctoral diplomas. Please contact Student Academic Services at grad.pvd@jwu.edu if a replacement or duplicate copy of a doctoral diploma is needed. Payment for replacement/duplicate copies of doctoral diplomas will be made to JWU at a charge of $40 each.

All shipping disputes must be addressed to the Michael Sutter Company.