University diplomas display the student’s legal name, graduation date and degree, along with the name and seal of the institution and the signatures of university officials. If the student has graduated with applicable honors, this accomplishment is indicated. The diploma shows the title of the degree the student has earned (e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Business Administration, etc.); it does not include the student’s major(s). A student’s major, minor, specialization and/or concentration will appear on the academic transcript.

Generally, diplomas are issued 6–8 business weeks after degree completion. Only 1 diploma is issued per degree.

Students may purchase an e-diploma which is an official electronic copy of an issued diploma. This is available through our diploma vendor Michael Sutter who will email students an e-diploma link after their diploma has been issued. Students may also contact Michael Sutter at 435-654-2300 or online to order an e-diploma. The cost of an e-diploma is $5 (paid directly to Michael Sutter). The e-diploma will be accessible to the student for life. Note: Students with a graduation year prior to 2007 must first submit a Diploma Reissue Request Form to Student Academic Services and may then obtain an e-diploma of the reissued diploma.

Diplomas are reissued with a statement of duplication and reissue date when lost, stolen, an authorized name change occurs or the student requests an additional copy. Completion of a Diploma Reissue Request Form is required. Replacement diplomas are ordered weekly and are generally delivered within 2–3 weeks for domestic addresses. International addresses may take up to 6 weeks. Rush delivery is available through our diploma vendor with a charge of $25 in addition to the cost of shipping and handling in accordance with UPS Worldwide Express. Students must contact Student Academic & Financial Services to speak with the diploma ordering representative for pricing information.

Diplomas will be issued provided all financial obligations with the university have been met (e.g., outstanding library fee, athletic gear not returned). Students may review holds in jwuLink.

Students may check the status of their diploma order online. Students should log in using their last name and student ID.

Diploma sizes are as follows:

  • Undergraduate diplomas are 8.5" by 11".
  • Graduate diplomas are 11" by 14".
  • Doctoral diplomas are 12" by 15".

Notarization of Official University Documents (Apostille)

An apostille may be required for a diploma, transcript or other university documents being sent to an entity in another country. The entity may refer to the required document as needing to be "certified," "notarized" or "authenticated." For students planning to study, teach or work abroad, the country may require this extra step for certifying educational documents.

The process for requesting an apostille begins with the completion and submission of an Apostille Request Form (with accompanying payment and documentation) to Student Academic & Financial Services. Once Student Academic & Financial Services receives the request with the appropriate payment and documentation, the process will be completed on behalf of the student and the documents as directed on the Apostille Request Form will be returned. The apostille is issued by the Rhode Island Secretary of State, not the university.