Final Exams

All final exams are administered during the exam period. No student will be excused from a final exam in any course for any reason except for illness, participation in a university-sanctioned event or other extenuating circumstances. In this case, students must contact the faculty member regarding the absence. Your exam period is listed as part of your detailed course schedule on jwuLink and it is recommended that you review the academic calendar for official exam dates. Consult your course syllabus for summer final exam dates.

Students should check the final exam schedule early in the semester for conflicts. In case of a conflict between two exams scheduled at the same time, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor(s) to take one exam at an alternate time.

A student with three final exams scheduled for the same day may request to have the third (latest on schedule) exam rescheduled to another day during the exam period. The student should discuss the situation with the instructor and make arrangements to take the third exam at another mutually convenient time. 

If the exam schedule conflict is unresolved through this approach, the student should request assistance from their college dean’s office. Arrangements should be made at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled exam.

Please see the appropriate campus page for additional information regarding final exam dates and times.

SPECIAL NOTE: Final Exams for College of Food Innovation & Technology Labs and Graduate on-campus programs (including summer) are held during the last class meeting.