Auditing a Course

Students may choose to register for classes on an audit basis when space is available in the class (graduate, doctoral and online courses may not be audited). No credit or grade is earned for an audited course, but it will be recorded on the student's academic transcript with a grade marker of AU (Audit). Subsequently, an audited course cannot satisfy program requirements and does not have an impact on GPA calculation. The academic work required in an audit situation is at the discretion of the course’s instructor. 

Students who are auditing a class are not eligible to receive financial aid for that class.

Satisfactory academic progress may be impacted if the student is registered for a class as an audit but then subsequently withdraws from the audited class. If this change causes the student to complete less than the required pace completion, the student will fail to meet the pace standard. Audited classes do impact a student’s maximum time frame as they are considered attempted hours. 

Interested students must meet with their assigned academic advisor to complete a Course Audit Request Form. (Note: Prerequisite course requirements must be completed.)

Audited courses are subject to normal tuition fees, and must be registered by the end of the add/drop period.