English as a Second Language (ESL)

Students requiring ESL courses will be registered by Student Academic & Financial Services until all ESL requirements are successfully completed. A schedule hold is in effect during this time which prevents students from making changes to their schedule. Students wishing to continue enrollment in ESL courses during the summer must notify Student Academic & Financial Services. 

Upon anticipated completion of all ESL requirements, the schedule hold will be released. Student Academic & Financial Services will then register students for courses required in their degree program for the following term. Students are then required to register themselves for all remaining terms. Note: Students are responsible for the curriculum specified in the catalog in place when they are registered for courses in their degree program. Additionally, prior college transcripts and/or previous transfer credits will be reviewed and may be adjusted based on the student's new catalog.

Grading requirements for advancing in ESL coursework as well as for completing the ESL program are as follows:

  • All students must have at least a C in each beginner or intermediate ESL course in order to move to the next ESL course level. 
  • Undergraduate students must have at least a C in each course in order to exit the ESL program. 
  • Students entering a graduate program must have at least a B in each advanced-level ESL course to exit the ESL program.
  • Should a student not successfully complete any ESL course, the schedule hold will be reactivated and the student will be re-registered accordingly.