Curriculum Modifications

In an effort to improve and modify curricula, university administration may modify course requirements and programs of study. These changes in curricula are not always reflected in the current university catalog.

At the discretion of the deans or department chairs, the university will implement the revised curricula when deemed appropriate and notify students of the change via their JWU email account. A student’s degree audit will reflect these changes. Students should contact their dean and/or department chairperson with any questions about curriculum modifications.

In the event of program discontinuation, the university will make every effort to teach out currently enrolled students and to discontinue admission of students to the program once the decision is made to terminate the program. The university will ensure that those students already enrolled in the program are able to complete the program in a timely fashion, with minimal disruption, and with faculty who have the appropriate credentials and experience. Students will be notified of potential program discontinuation considerations and the time frame for phasing out programs, so that students and the university can seek acceptable solutions for the protection of enrolled students.

Before terminating a degree program, every reasonable effort will be made to allow students to complete their degrees. Transfers to comparable programs at external institutions will be considered and facilitated, if mutually acceptable to the student and the receiving institution. Students will be provided advising assistance with respect to their academic program options.