Posting Policy

All posted advertisements for student organizations must be approved through Student Engagement or their designee. Student Affairs and/or Student Engagement reserves the right to reject any flyer. Only active or petitioning recognized student organizations may have items approved. University departments are responsible for ensuring their own promotions follow the requirements stated below.

As a general rule, any material or flyer that is determined to be illegal, unethical, harassing, or targets an individual or group in a demeaning manner, or promotes the use of alcohol, its consumption or sale, illegal drug use, hazing, or other violation of the student code of conduct, will not be approved. All flyers must bear the name of the sponsoring organization and will be stamped and numbered, if approved.

Any posted materials on campus must follow the requirements below:

  • Poster-hanging on the Providence Campus must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Resource Room booklet.
  • Any materials hung in the hallways or on doors, walls or windows of any building and classroom, or on trees, telephone poles, etc., or other unauthorized areas, whether they carry the appropriate approval or not, will be immediately removed. “Special marketing” can be approved if agreed upon by a designated facility manager and Student Engagement representative.
  • Only authorized bulletin boards or designated posting locations are to be used to display approved posters and flyers. There are a number of bulletin boards or other designated posting locations throughout the university that are reserved for the specific use of one office or department. Students may not use these restricted bulletin boards for posting notices.
  • Any requests to post a document within an enclosed board must be made through the administrator in charge of the building or floor.

All postings must have an end date for when the information is no longer valid. This may often be the date of the event promoted on a flyer. However, if no specific event date is listed, an end date that eliminates the expectation that the flyer would be posted for an indefinite period must be included on the documents to be posted.