The purpose of the university’s attendance policy is to help students develop a self-directed, professional attitude toward their studies and to maximize their educational opportunities. Regular class attendance provides fundamental educational value and offers the most effective means to gain command of the course concepts and materials.

Students are expected to attend all classes, arrive on time and remain for the entire class period, and report to class fully prepared with all required materials. To meet these expectations, students must arrange course schedules that minimize conflicts with other commitments, including personal commitments, work or participation in athletics or other university-sanctioned events. When students encounter difficulty meeting these requirements, they must actively engage their faculty member to discuss the concern.

Individual faculty define the specific role that class attendance plays in the calculation of final grades for each course. Additionally, excessive absences in certain courses may result in withdrawal from the course at the instructor’s discretion. Students should consult the course syllabus and course instructor for specific faculty policies on attendance and make-up work within a course.

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with attendance requirements outlined in the Student Handbook.