About Johnson & Wales University

Founded in 1914, Johnson & Wales University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 8,000 graduate, undergraduate and online students at its campuses in Providence, Rhode Island and Charlotte, North Carolina. An innovative educational leader, the university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in arts and sciences, business, engineering, food innovation, hospitality, nutrition, health and wellness. It also offers undergraduate programs in culinary arts, dietetics and design.

JWU’s unique model provides students with the personalized attention, academic expertise and industry connections that inspire professional success and personal growth. The time students spend at JWU is nothing short of transformative, as demonstrated by career outcomes, expected earnings and economic mobility rankings. The university’s impact is global, with alumni in 128 countries pursuing careers worldwide.

Here’s what makes JWU different:


  • Purposeful learning experiences, a global learning environment and opportunities for collaboration with students in other disciplines expand the possibilities of a JWU education.
  • The university’s commitment to equipping students with a practical, relevant education provides industry with agile graduates who are real-world tested and ready to enter a highly dynamic workforce. Employers tell us that JWU graduates demonstrate a strong work ethic, embrace challenges and ask the right kinds of questions.
  • Dedicated faculty and career advisors help students set professional goals and develop an educational plan designed for them to best attain those goals.
  • Students learn by doing, discovering industry best practices and training on career-specific tools and software in dynamic labs and career-focused classrooms.

Experiential Education

  • Programs provide opportunities for real-world experience, which can include internships and classroom projects with actual companies.
  • Specialized workshops help students build their résumés, highlight their skills and develop a portfolio of work to help set them apart.
  • Students have the opportunity to network with employers who visit campus each year, including career fairs, on-campus interviews and career events geared to your major.
  • In 2021–22, 1,457 students gained industry experience related to their major at 874 sites across 43 states.
  • Participation in competitions as a member of the ADTEAM, Vex Robotics, or DECA, BPA, FCCLA and other nationally recognized student organizations helps build leadership, career skills and student résumés.


  • JWU graduates have the transferable analytic and expressive abilities necessary to take on new challenges and follow the ever-changing career paths that increasingly define the contemporary workplace
  • Our 95.4% career outcomes rate for 2021 graduates who earned a bachelor’s degree is higher than the national average. This rate reflects the percentage of JWU graduates who secure full or part-time employment, are enrolled/accepted in a program of study to continue their education, are performing voluntary service, or enlist in military service within six months of graduation. The 2021 rate is consistent with previous years’ career outcomes rates for all JWU class years since 2015, which were also higher than the national average.


  • JWU provides student experiences that encourages participation, embraces collaboration, and stimulates a healthy mind, body and spirit.


  • Competitive and accelerated program options help qualified students save time and offer a step up in their fields of choice.
  • When factoring in costs, discounts, the benefits of a JWU education, and the time it takes to graduate, Johnson & Wales is more than competitive with other private universities — and even with many public universities.

To learn more, visit jwu.edu.