The Academic Success Center offers a wide-range of services that support the success of JWU students at multiple Providence locations. Services are designed to aid students in accomplishing their goals and achieving academic success.

Subject Tutoring

Our professional tutors offer course-specific support and are ready to share their expertise to help you get ahead. Our peer tutors often have first-hand experience in these subjects, as many of them have taken the same classes as you are now. Visiting the tutoring website for an up-to-date course list.

Writing Support

The Academic Success Center offers writing support for all courses and majors. Appointments can be made with a writing coach. Drop-ins are welcome at the Math & Writing Center on the second floor of the John Hazen White Jr. College of Arts & Sciences building.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS is a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Modeled program supported by the Academic Success Center. PASS is a peer-led academic assistance program that targets courses that are traditionally high D, F and W (withdrawal) courses occurring in the first or second year of a student’s college career. Through this program, additional outside-of-classroom support specific to the course’s content is offered. Our PASS leaders lead and facilitate group study sessions and flexible one-on-one tutoring. They also continuously share supplemental support materials (e.g., tutorials, worksheets, hand-outs, walk-throughs, virtual flash cards, and practice exams or quizzes through our jwuLink PASS channels) to assist in student learning of course concepts. 

Success Coaching

Students who find themselves struggling with time management, organizing their schedules and prioritizing their responsibilities, or who feel overwhelmed with course workload, are encouraged to pursue academic success coaching.