What To Do

What should I do if I think I am the victim of, a witness to, or learn of discrimination or harassment?

There is no obligation to address the matter directly with the offending party. Occasionally, people are able to resolve a potentially harassing situation by speaking with the offending party directly about the conduct they find offensive and/or unwelcome. Informal discussions will sometimes resolve the problem; however, the university strongly advises anyone who has a concern of discrimination or harassment to report the incident if they are not comfortable discussing it directly with the offending party or if the behavior they find unwelcome and/or offensive continues. For information regarding reporting a complaint or concern, please see Filing A Complaint, Investigation and Resolution and Retaliation.

Anyone who is aware of or believes they have witnessed or have been the subject of discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment or relationship violence, should immediately notify the nondiscrimination coordinator, a nondiscrimination campus liaison, Human Resources & Payroll or Campus Safety & Security as set forth under Filing A Complaint and Equity & Compliance Services.

For a list of state and federal government enforcement agencies, please see Enforcement Agencies.