Call For Help Policy

Johnson & Wales University (JWU) is committed to creating and maintaining a community that fosters the health and safety of every student, as well as personal responsibility and decision-making. If a student is experiencing an alcohol or drug-related emergency, the health and wellness of that student is the most important concernJWU wants to encourage students to call for help for themselves or on behalf of others, when they witness, are made aware of, or are experiencing such an emergency.

As such, there will be no formal hearing through JWU’s Conduct Review Process for alcohol or drug policy violations related to the medical emergency, for either the reporting student and/or the student in need of help. However, they may be required to meet with an administrator for an educational conversation. An administrator may also encourage the student to attend an educational program or utilize on-campus resources. Failure to participate in any such educational conversation will result in a hold being placed on the student’s account. This policy also applies to student organizations and their members involved in the reported incident.

The person/group calling for help on behalf of another student is required to remain with the student experiencing the medical emergency until medical attention arrives. This policy does not apply to individuals who did not seek assistance for a medical emergency related to alcohol or other drugs but instead, were found to be in need of assistance by university officials or others (including but not limited to Resident Assistants, Campus Safety & Security [“CS&S”] officers, faculty members, etc.).

This policy is not intended to shield or protect those students or organizations in cases of extreme, flagrant or repeated violations of the Student Code of Conduct. In cases where extreme, flagrant or repeated violations occur, the university reserves the right to implement the Conduct Review Process on a case-by-case basis, regardless of the manner in which the incident was reported. For such cases, the vice president of student affairs/dean of students, director of community standards and conduct, or any such person's designee will make the final determination as to the applicability of this policy.

This policy will not exempt students and organizations from being held accountable for violations regarding other behaviors including, but not limited to, assault, distribution of illicit substances, vandalism, domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and stalking.

In any emergency Johnson & Wales University strongly encourages students to call CS&S or 911 for immediate assistance.

This policy is not intended to address possible violations of criminal laws or their consequences outside the university. This policy only applies to the university‘s Conduct Review Process. Criminal or police action may still occur separately from Community Standards and Conduct.