First-term day program students will be registered for courses by Student Academic & Financial Services as part of the enrollment process. These students are expected to register themselves for courses after the first term of enrollment, although assistance with registration is always available. Students enrolled in certain programs may be automatically registered for their required courses beyond their first term of enrollment. 

Undergraduate day program students may not register for more than 21 credit hours. However, day program students accepted in the Special Honors and Rewards Program (SHARP) may register up to 25.0 credits each term with no additional fees. This is accomplished by increasing the student's course load each term as scheduling permits. SHARP results in savings of time and expenses for eligible students. However, students are reminded that accelerating the completion of program requirements may negatively impact future enrollment (i.e., part-time enrollment during a term in the next academic year). 

To ensure that courses are offered as scheduled, it is important that all students register promptly after the date registration becomes available for the upcoming term (Registration Start Dates). Waiting to register until the last minute before a term starts may cause the cancellation of some courses that students need due to inadequate enrollment in the courses. Please register early to ensure online courses run as scheduled. Additionally, students are strongly advised to review course projections (i.e., which term each course is offered) and to plan accordingly.

For information on registering an internship, refer to Internship Programs.