Graduate students are required to register themselves beginning with their first semester of enrollment, although assistance with registration from academic advisors is always available.

Students may not register for more than 12 credit hours per semester. However, specific graduate programs may require students to enroll in additional credit hours as well as require enrollment in summer due to course sequencing. 

Students may not register for more than two 8-week session courses in each of the two 8-week sessions in a 16-week semester (Session I and Session II). For example, a student may register for two 8-week courses in Session I (first 8-week session) and two 8-week courses in Session II (second 8-week session) of a semester, but could not register for three 8-week courses in Session I and one 8-week session in Session II in a semester. Additionally, students should register for all courses, including first and second 8-week session offerings, before the semester begins. Planning and registering for courses early minimizes the risks of losing part or all of financial aid eligibility. Furthermore, international students selecting 8-week course session options must register for a first 8-week session and a second 8-week session before the start of the semester so they can be registered into the Student and Exchange Visitor Program database (SEVIS). Failure to register for both the first and second 8-week session will result in their I-20 being terminated for failure to enroll.

To ensure that courses are offered as scheduled, it is important that all students register promptly after the date registration becomes available for the upcoming semester (see Registration Start Dates). Waiting to register until the last minute before a semester begins may cause the cancellation of some courses that students need due to inadequate enrollment in the courses. Please register early to ensure courses run as scheduled. Additionally, students are strongly advised to review course projections (i.e., which semester each course is offered) and to plan accordingly.

Once accepted into a graduate program, students may not register for courses at the undergraduate level to satisfy graduate foundation requirements.

For information on registering an internship, refer to Internship Programs.