A transcript is a representation of a student’s entire academic record while at Johnson & Wales University. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a transcript may be released only upon written request of the student. Students must submit transcript requests online through jwuLink. Students intending to pick up transcripts in person must visit Student Academic & Financial Services or complete a Transcript Request Form.

Official transcripts will not be released if a student has not fulfilled all financial obligations to the university. Within 3 business days of receipt of an authorized request, official transcripts will be processed. However, a longer period of time may be required for processing at the end of a term or during peak enrollment periods. Records prior to 2000 may be located on microfilm; if applicable, please allow 5–15 business days for processing. 

A maximum of 20 official transcripts may be requested per year. Official transcripts are not produced while grade processing and posting is in progress at the end of each term.

Unofficial transcripts may be obtained in jwuLink.

FedEx Delivery Options

FedEx delivery is used if next-business-day delivery is needed. There is an additional charge for FedEx delivery. A complete street address (P.O. Box is not acceptable) and destination phone number are required. The charge is $15 for delivery in the continental U.S., $20 to Canada and Mexico, and $30 for international FedEx delivery. Requests must be received by 3pm EST. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Johnson & Wales University.

Notarization of Transcripts (Apostille)

An apostille may be required for a transcript being sent to an entity in another country. That entity may refer to the required transcript as needing to be “certified,” “notarized” or “authenticated.” For students planning to study, teach or work abroad, the country may require this extra step for certifying educational documents.

An apostille is issued by the Rhode Island Secretary of State, not the university. Students requesting an apostille must complete an Apostille Request Form. Once Student Academic & Financial Services receives the request with the appropriate payment and documentation, it will complete the process on behalf of the student and return the documents as directed on the Apostille Request Form.

Transcripts from Other Schools

Transcripts reflecting a student’s secondary or previous college education that have been submitted to Johnson & Wales University as a requirement for admission become a part of the student’s official file. Johnson & Wales University does not provide copies of other institutions’ transcripts. Transcripts must be ordered directly from the institution where the coursework was completed.