Courses Taken at Other Institutions

Enrolled undergraduate students require approval from Student Academic Services prior to registering to take courses at another institution. In order to obtain approval, students must contact their academic adviser in order to submit a request, as well as any additional documentation, if needed. The following requirements must be met:

  1. The student must have an overall grade point average above 2.0.

  2. The number of credits taken elsewhere while enrolled at JWU must not exceed 15 semester credits.

  3. The course(s) must be taken within one year of permission being granted.

  4. The course(s) must not be at a lower level than other higher-level courses previously completed in the same discipline.

  5. Introduction to college courses such as College Success, Freshman Seminar or Career Planning/Self-reflection courses are not suitable options.

  6. Approval will only be granted for courses that are applicable to the student's JWU program of study.

  7. Course credits from other institutions must equate to the number of credits in the equivalent course at JWU.

  8. Only grades of C or better (2.00 or equivalent) from an accredited institution may be accepted for transfer. Transfer credits are not calculated into the cumulative grade point average. Students must meet the university's residency requirements.

  9. Students are responsible for tuition and fees for approved course(s) at the other institution.

  10. Due to immigration implications, international students attempting their last class at another institution must meet with their international student adviser to better understand their options.

Accelerating the completion of program requirements may negatively impact future enrollment (i.e., part-time enrollment during a term in the next academic year); students are strongly advised to review course projections and to plan accordingly.

Note: Any exceptions to criteria 1–4 will be made by a director in Student Academic Services or the College of Professional Studies (CPS), if the student is in an online program.

Once enrolled in a JWU graduate program, students may not take core or concentration courses elsewhere with the intent of transferring them into their JWU program, except when there are extenuating circumstances and permission is granted by the dean’s office. Should a student be granted permission to take a course under these conditions, a grade of B or higher must be earned in order for the transfer credit to be awarded.