The Special Honors and Rewards Program (SHARP) is designed to allow qualifying undergraduate day program students to accelerate the completion of their degree requirements in less than the normally prescribed time. This is accomplished by giving eligible students the ability to register up to 21.0 credits each semester with no additional tuition fees. SHARP offers the potential for students to save time and expenses.

To be eligible for SHARP, the student must have completed at least one semester of classes at JWU and have a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or higher.

  • If this criteria is met, the student’s maximum allowable registration credits will reflect 21.0 for the next semester.
  • If this criteria is not met, the student’s maximum allowable registration credits will remain at 18.0.
  • If a student is or becomes SHARP-ineligible at the end of a semester, they may become SHARP-eligible any time in the future provided they meet the 3.60 cumulative GPA requirement at the end of a semester.
  • Students registered for 21.0 credits who become SHARP-ineligible for the next semester will be notified via their JWU email account. It is the student's responsibility to drop extra credits, if registered, to avoid incurring additional charges.

Students who are SHARP-eligible may utilize this benefit at any time of their choosing (or not at all) and should note the following before proceeding.

  1. Accelerating the completion of program requirements may impact future enrollment (e.g., part-time enrollment) and course sequencing.
  2. Semester course offerings may not allow or guarantee accelerated program completion.
  3. To plan effectively, course projections must be reviewed carefully and students should work closely with their academic counselor/advisor.