Grade Point Average


The formula for calculating the GPA is as follows:

  1. GPA = Total Quality Points/Total GPA Hours

  2. GPA Hours = Course’s Grade Quality Point Value x Course’s Credit Hours (Note: GPA calculation does not use all grades.)

The GPA is truncated (not rounded) after two decimal places (a GPA calculation of 3.156 would be evaluated as 3.15).

See Grading System for a list of Grade Quality Point Values.

Repeated Courses

When the appropriate course is available, the course may be repeated to earn a better grade. In order for a repeated course to apply to a student's degree, the course must be repeated prior to their last semester of enrollment. Students who have met the degree requirements for their program of study but chose to repeat a course in a subsequent semester will automatically be enrolled as an extension student in the subsequent semester and will be ineligible for financial aid.

Upon successful completion of the course at a later date, the cumulative grade point average (GPA) is adjusted to reflect the highest grade earned.* However, each grade earned will appear on the academic transcript and count toward attempted credits. Students are required to pay any applicable tuition charges for all repeated coursework. Students are eligible for financial aid for only one repetition of a previously passed course.**


A W grade issued prior to June 2017 will still be included in the student's GPA after the same course is successfully completed. 


When a student has repeated a course previously applied to an awarded degree, each grade earned will be included in the cumulative point average.  

The above policy is not applicable to English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.