Nutrition - MINOR

The Nutrition minor provides students with a solid foundation of nutrition science and the complex relationship between food and health. This minor exposes students to nutrition and health promotion, nutritional epidemiology and the significance of nutrition throughout the lifecycle. Students develop a critical awareness of diversity and cultural competency as well as the application of nutrition science in a culinary nutrition lab. 

Offered by the College of Health & Wellness, this minor is open to all students except Dietetics & Applied Nutrition majors and Culinary Nutrition majors.



DIET2050Community Nutrition3
DIET3050Life Span Nutrition3
Choose one of the following: *3
Cooking for Health and Wellness
Food Science
Culinary Science, Nutrition & Sensory Analysis
Choose one of the following: *3
Introduction to Exercise Physiology
Introduction to Food Systems
Culture and Food
Total Credits15.0