Professional Communication - MINOR

Effective Fall 2020, Johnson & Wales University will complete its transition from a term calendar to a semester calendar. Starting with the 2020–21 catalog, all programs will represent course requirements in semester credit hours rather than quarter credit hours. Students who started on terms and will finish their degree requirements on semesters should consult with their assigned academic counselor in Student Academic Services or faculty advisor on semester transition academic planning.

The College of Arts & Sciences offers minors that enhance and strengthen the qualifications of graduates. They are intended to give students opportunities to develop expertise in an area that complements their major program. Real-world applications are embedded in the minors.  

Having strong communication skills is essential for success in many fields of business and industry. Whether making decisions, analyzing performance, designing user-friendly systems or managing a project, effective communication of business and technical details is needed. This minor focuses on building written and oral communication, use of new media, collaboration and problem-solving skills as part of career education.

Professional Communication


ENG2010Introduction to Technical Communication4.5
or ENG2030 Introduction to Newswriting
ENG3010Technical Editing4.5
Choose three of the following:13.5
Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Introduction to Technical Communication
Introduction to Newswriting
Introduction to Creative Writing
Report and Proposal Writing
Instruction and Manual Writing
Advanced Business Communication
Introduction to Food Writing
Introduction to Travel Writing
Introduction to Sports Writing
Introduction to Fashion Writing
Literary Editing and Publishing
Applied Research in Professional Writing and Literature
Intermediate Creative Writing
Intermediate Nonfiction Writing
Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
Advanced Nonfiction Writing Workshop
Foundation Drawing and Digital Tools
Basics of Print Design
Writing for Radio, Television and Film
Writing for Publication
Writing in Digital Media
Introduction to Project Management
Advanced Project Management