Food & Beverage Management - MINOR

The Food and Beverage Management minor is intended to provide students with a foundation of operational knowledge, skills and industry-recognized certifications in areas such as safe service of alcohol, food allergy concerns and dining operations needed to manage successfully within a wide variety of hospitality industry segments. The minor exposes students to commercial and non-commercial operations and explores the operational cycle of control, potential career paths and the current technologies utilized by leading businesses.

Food & Beverage Management


COHM4799College of Hospitality Management Advanced Internship4.5
or FSM2065 Food and Beverage in the Hospitality Industry
FSM2055Beverage Appreciation4.5
FSM2110Food and Beverage Operations in the Sports, Entertainment and Event Management Industry4.5
FSM2130The Businesses of Non-Commercial Foodservice4.5
FSM3060Front of the House Operations Management4.5
Total Credits22.5