Undeclared Major with Intended Engineering Interest

The Undeclared major with intended engineering interest is for the student who desires an engineering major but needs additional mathematics preparation before direct entrance into an engineering degree program. Students who successfully complete the requirements to matriculate into an engineering program after two semesters are enrolled into a B.S. program in either Computer Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Electronics Engineering or Biomedical Engineering in their second year of study. Requirements are outlined in the “Pathway to Engineering Contract for Success” and include advising, tutoring, and achievement of a 2.75 GPA in engineering, math and science courses during their first two semesters.

Undeclared Major with Intended Engineering Interest

Engineering Foundations
ENGN1015Introduction to Engineering3
ENGN2001Digital Logic Design4
Related Professional Studies
ENGN3100Parametric Engineering Design3
FYS1020First-Year Seminar1
A&S Core Experience
Communications Foundation Courses9
Rhetoric & Composition I
Rhetoric & Composition II
Communication Skills
Foundations in Chemistry
and Foundations in Chemistry Laboratory *
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory **
Mathematics/A&S Electives/Free Electives ***6
Fundamentals of Algebra (or higher, based on student's placement)
Total Credits30.0

CHM1000 Foundations in Chemistry and CHM1006 Foundations in Chemistry Laboratory are required for Undeclared majors with intended Electronics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering interest.


PHY1011 General Physics I and PHY1016 General Physics I Laboratory are required for Undeclared majors with intended Robotics Engineering or Computer Engineering interest.


Students that do not place in MATH1040 Calculus I will need to take an extra course(s), MATH1020 Fundamentals of Algebra and/or MATH1030 Precalculus, as prerequisite; depending on placement. If needed this may count as an A&S or Free elective.

NOTE: Students must pass MATH0010 Pre-Algebra or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in required math course(s).