Cybersecurity - MINOR

From business to entrepreneurship to the sciences, almost every field is subject to cybercrime. The Cybersecurity minor allows a broad array of students to examine the fundamentals of cybercrime as well as detection and investigation techniques to stave off such encroachments. Through an interdisciplinary survey of the field, students learn the basic required skills to prevent, detect and prosecute cyber-crime, including core aspects of Kali Linux, cryptography, digital information theory, basic law enforcement, and cyber-crime scene processing. Existing technology skills are not required for enrollment in this minor.

Students discover how successful organizations use and deploy cybersecurity solutions and how important they are to any business organization. By expanding their knowledge in this area, students add value to their chosen major and to their future careers.



Cyber Security
CJS3820Cyber Crimes *3
CSIS1000Problem Solving and Programming Concepts3
CYB1005Introduction to Cyber Security Operations3
ITEC3050Information Security with Cryptography3
Choose one:
LAW3025Criminal Law3
LAW3080Cyberlaw *3

Students are responsible for meeting prerequisites.

If a minor course is listed as a major course in a student’s major program, the student must choose additional courses from an elective list to complete the minor. Please see the Minors, Specializations and Certificates page for additional information.