MBA - Event Leadership Concentration

The Master of Business Administration degree program with a concentration in Event Leadership provides the graduate student the opportunity to gain knowledge and information that enables the effective organization and management of events in the corporate, public and private sectors. Both global and domestic live events will be examined, and students learn to synthesize theory and apply industry-specific skills and leadership techniques. This degree encompasses the management demands of events, a dynamic facet of numerous industries. Topics include event leadership, research, design, planning, coordination, execution, site selection, venue management, multipurpose event spaces, sales, negotiations, sustainability, marketing and budgeting. Students gain a sound understanding of how to strategically and effectively design, plan and execute live events in the corporate, private and public sectors in multiple geographic areas. Graduates of the MBA degree with a concentration in Event Leadership may strive to seek leadership positions within the dynamic and global events industry.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Gather, interpret and analyze research to inform decision-making at operational and strategic levels of an organization.
  • Use advanced communication skills and awareness of cultural differences in global and domestic business interactions.
  • Analyze problems from a diverse perspective, propose effective solutions and evaluate the impact of executive decisions.
  • Assess and evaluate business entities taking into account cross-functional environments as they affect ethical decision making in domestic and global organizations.
  • Advance organizational objectives and support strategic initiatives through the development and production of events.

Master of Business Administration — Event Leadership Concentration

 Master of Business Administration 

Foundation Courses
BUS5000Business Fundamentals3
BUS5010Quantitative Methods in Business3
Core Courses
FISV5600Financial Management3
FISV5720Financial Reporting and Control3
MGMT5575Operations Management3
MGMT5800Effective Leadership3
MGMT5900Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Law3
MRKT5500Strategic Marketing3
RSCH5800Evidence-Based Research in Management3
Event Leadership Courses *
SEE6000Event Leadership and Planning3
SEE6020Event Operations & Risk Management3
SEE6040Sustainable Event Management3
SEE6060Negotiations for Event Management3
Career Capstone Course
MGMT6800Business Policy and Strategy3
Total Credits36.0-42.0

Note for Providence Campus students: MBA concentration courses may only be available online. Students should consult with their academic advisor regarding course availability and for planning.