Race and Ethnicity Studies - MINOR

The Race and Ethnicity Studies minor provides students of all majors the opportunity for in-depth exploration of the meanings, significance and interdependence of race and ethnicity in the United States. Students benefit from interdisciplinary course choices in order to make connections and facilitate understanding of race and ethnicity in the U.S.

Race and Ethnicity Studies


RES1010Introduction to Race and Ethnicity in the United States3
Choose four of the following: *12
A Multicultural History of America
African American History
African-American Literature
Multi-Ethnic Literature
Media Identities
Hip-Hop Culture
Race, Politics and Power in America
Honors Seminar: Social Inequalities
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Total Credits15.0

Students are responsible for meeting prerequisites.

If a minor course is listed as a major course in a student’s major program, the student must choose additional courses from an elective list to complete the minor. Please see the Minors, Specializations and Certificates page for additional information.