Chemistry - MINOR

A Chemistry minor provides thorough coverage of fundamental chemical principles and significant hands-on experience in laboratory settings. The minor in Chemistry is designed for the student who would like a sound foundation in the theory and laboratory practice of chemistry. Students who minor in Chemistry learn fundamental introductory principles in general, organic and analytical chemistry. The analytical thinking and problem-solving skills developed within the Chemistry minor make students competitive for a wide range of careers in science, medicine, health, nutrition or engineering.



CHM1011General Chemistry I *3
CHM1016General Chemistry I Laboratory *1
CHM1022General Chemistry II3
CHM1026General Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHM2011Organic Chemistry I3
CHM2016Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHM2022Organic Chemistry II3
CHM2026Organic Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHM3200Analytical Chemistry3
Total Credits19.0

Students are responsible for meeting prerequisites.

If a minor course is listed as a major course in a student’s major program, the student must choose additional courses from an elective list to complete the minor. Please see the Minors, Specializations and Certificates page for additional information.