University Withdrawal Credit Policy

The distribution formula for the institutional refund to the Federal Student Financial Aid program will be calculated according to federal regulations. Any refund due will be issued within 45 days after the date that the university was first notified of the withdrawal. Students who Unofficially Withdraw from the university will receive no credit of any semester charges.

If a student withdraws from the university within a 16-week semester or an 8-week session within the semester 

  • prior to the start of the semester and during the first and second week of the semester, Fall I or Fall II, Spring I or Spring II, or Summer I or Summer II, the university will credit 100% of tuition and fees. If applicable, all financial aid will be returned.
  • after the second week of the 16-week semester or Fall I or Fall II, Spring I or Spring II, or Summer I or Summer II, the student will be responsible for 100% of tuition and fees. If applicable, financial aid will be adjusted based on federal guidelines.
  • after the sixth week of the semester, students will be responsible for 100% of the semester charges and will receive 100% of that semester’s eligible institutional aid and scholarships.

Add/Drop is defined as adding and dropping any number of courses but maintaining active registration in at least one other course in the semester. For courses offered on campus students may add or drop a course by the following deadline:

  • College of Food Innovation & Technology labs (that meet twice a week or consecutively):
    • Add/Drop Deadline: Thursday week 1 of the semester.
  • All other courses:
    • Add/Drop Deadline: Thursday week 2 of the semester.

Add/Drop deadlines are outlined on the academic calendar.

While some classes including culinary or baking and pastry laboratory classes begin later than the first week of classes, the Add/Drop period at the beginning of the semester applies to all classes regardless of the start date of the lab or course. If a student does not drop a lab or course during the Add/Drop period, full tuition charges will be assessed.

For online and hybrid courses, students may add a course by the first Saturday of the course session or drop by the second Saturday of the course session. An official add or drop must be completed via jwuLink or with Student Academic Services.

Whenever students participate in add/drop, their financial aid and account charges may be adjusted. Financial aid cannot be used to pay for classes that do not count toward degree requirements (i.e., an "unused" course). In the event students remain registered for an unused course during the semester, their net tuition expense could be higher, resulting in a balance on their invoice. Students are encouraged to visit or consult Student Financial Services to review the potential impact, especially if their enrollment status changes to or from part time/full time.

University Enrollment Dispute

Students who leave the university due to extenuating circumstances without officially withdrawing may submit a university enrollment dispute within 30 days after the end of the semester in dispute. No withdrawal disputes will be considered after that time. Students must present supporting documentation that demonstrates serious and compelling reasons justifying the withdrawal, and extenuating circumstances justifying its retroactive nature. No adjustments to tuition and fees or financial aid will be made until the dispute is researched and either approved or denied. Decisions will be made within 10 business days; students will receive notification via an email sent to the email address they provided on the dispute form.

Armed Forces

If an enrolled student who is a member of the Armed Forces (including reserve components) receives orders “to perform a period of service” (i.e., active duty, inactive duty training, or state service), and is required to withdraw due to such member’s service prior to the end of such member’s course(s), the university will assign a non-punitive grade (i.e., a grade of “no credit”) to any course(s) that the student was unable to complete and will refund all tuition and fees (including for university housing) to the appropriate party. This does not include any monthly housing allowance provided by the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

For more information, contact the Johnson & Wales University Veterans Affairs (VA) certifying official at your campus.