Leadership Studies (LEAD) Courses

LEAD1010 Foundations of Leadership Studies

This course draws upon a variety of research-based theories and applications germane to the study of leadership. Theoretical paradigms of motivation are discussed and applied to communication styles, decision making, risk taking, team building, conflict resolution, negotiation, diversity and inclusion. Leadership traits, leadership styles and roles are examined in the context of ethics, power and social responsibility. (OL)
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, Denver CE, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

LEAD2011 Leadership and Women in History

The field of leadership studies encompasses a wide and complex range of topics. This course presents students and faculty alike with a unique opportunity to examine revolving areas of current and relevant leadership theories and practices. Area of specialized leadership interest include, but are not limited to Women in History.
Prerequisite(s): LEAD1010.
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, North Miami
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

LEAD2012 Power and Leadership

This course provides an overview of the nature and types of power and their connections to leadership. Relationships between concepts and practices of power, and their role and influence across a number of spheres, settings, roles and relationships are explored. Since issues of power present unique challenges in today's complex, networked and digitized world, special attention is given to the topics of supportive communication, relationship building, organizational politics and the effective management of power relations.
Prerequisite(s): LEAD1010 or SOC1001 or SOC2005. (OL)
Offered at Denver, Denver CE, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

LEAD2030 Leadership Through Film and Literature

This course is an examination of contemporary theories pertaining to leadership in group, organizational and societal settings. The content of the course draws from the humanities as viewed through film and literature selections to illustrate different leadership styles and concepts. The course is based on the premise that leadership, like literature and film, is an art form whose effectiveness is enabled and enhanced through visual presentation.
Prerequisite(s): LEAD1010 or SEE2015. (OL)
Offered at Denver, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

LEAD2080 Sustainability, Community Engagement & Leadership

This course focuses on sustainability, community engagement, leadership and global citizenship through interdisciplinary course materials and cultural immersion. Interdependence, as it is reflected through social, political, economic, spiritual and environmental perspectives, is examined. Students use this systems perspective to understand the complex factors that contribute to the challenges and proposed solutions to community and individual health, specifically in Nepal. This course introduces the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation (KRMEF) in Nepal as an innovative and replicable model for sustainable community and leadership development. KRMEF represents an ecological systems (biodynamic) model for addressing the needs of the people and communities specifically in the Kathmandu Valley region of Nepal, with relevance to similar concerns within a global context. While in the country, students experience the impact of complex development problems in Nepal through readings, structured site visits and excursions, cultural events, and community interaction. Ongoing, intentional reflection provides opportunities for participants to engage with, synthesize and act upon what they learn from their experiences and how that relates to academic, professional, civic and leadership interests.
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, Denver CE, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

LEAD3020 Creative Leadership

The objective of this course is to develop and enhance one's own creativity, allowing each individual the opportunity to become a more productive leader of tomorrow. Extensive classroom participation and a variety of activities allow each student to experience personal growth and influence the growth of others.
Prerequisite(s): LEAD1010 or SEE2015. (OL)
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

LEAD6100 Leadership Theory and Practice

This course examines contemporary theories, research and practices of organizational leadership. Students are exposed to ways that leadership has been conceptualized and applied to various theories of psychology through analysis of research and contemporary issues in organizational settings. This course also challenges students to analyze their personal leadership style and how they may change over time to address key personal and professional priorities.
Prerequisite(s): PSYC5400. (OL)
Offered at Online
3 Semester Credits