Leadership Studies (LEAD) Courses

LEAD1010 Foundations of Leadership Studies

This course draws upon a variety of research-based theories and applications germane to the study of leadership. Theoretical paradigms of motivation are discussed and applied to communication styles, decision making, risk taking, team building, conflict resolution, negotiation, diversity and inclusion. Leadership traits, leadership styles and roles are examined in the context of ethics, power and social responsibility.
Offered at Charlotte, Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits

LEAD2011 Leadership and Women in History

In a variety of arenas, a number of powerful women have made their mark on history. This course examines famous women leaders and explores the nature of leadership as it existed from the ancient world through modern times. Relying upon the disciplines of history and leadership studies, this course offers a different perspective on the concepts and ideas that hold contemporary value for those interested in learning more about women leaders, past and present.
Prerequisite(s): LEAD1010.
Offered at Charlotte
3 Semester Credits

LEAD2012 Power and Leadership

This course provides an overview of the nature and types of power and their connections to leadership. Relationships between concepts and practices of power, and their role and influence across a number of spheres, settings, roles and relationships are explored. Since issues of power present unique challenges in today's complex, networked and digitized world, special attention is given to the topics of supportive communication, relationship building, organizational politics and the effective management of power relations.
Prerequisite(s): LEAD1010 or SOC1001 or SOC2005.
Offered at Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits

LEAD3020 Creative Leadership

The objective of this course is to develop and enhance one's own creativity, allowing each individual the opportunity to become a more productive leader of tomorrow. Extensive classroom participation and a variety of activities allow each student to experience personal growth and influence the growth of others.
Prerequisite(s): LEAD1010 or SEE2015.
Offered at Charlotte, Online, Providence
3 Semester Credits

LEAD6100 Leadership Theory and Practice

This course examines contemporary theories, research and practices of organizational leadership. Students are exposed to ways that leadership has been conceptualized and applied to various theories of psychology through analysis of research and contemporary issues in organizational settings. This course also challenges students to analyze their personal leadership style and how they may change over time to address key personal and professional priorities.
Prerequisite(s): HOSP6120 or PSYC5400.
Offered at Online
3 Semester Credits