Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services promotes equal access for students with disabilities and provides educational resources and opportunities for students to empower them to achieve success and become lifelong learners.

Accessibility Services offers specialized advising for students who self-identify to Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services advisors advocate for equal access, accommodations and respect for students with disabilities in the campus communities.

Services through Accessibility Services are provided at no additional cost to all students.


Students With Disabilities

Students with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions requesting accommodations, including housing accommodations, should contact Accessibility Services. Students requesting accommodations will be asked to provide documentation of their disability/health condition, which supports the need for the requested accommodation.

Technical Standards

Some programs of study at the university have technical standards. Students with disabilities who require accommodations in order to meet technical standards must contact Accessibility Services.

Service Animals

JWU encourages students who have service animals to notify Accessibility Services on their campus. Accessibility Services works with students to communicate with campus partners, including faculty, to provide additional support and accommodations as appropriate. Students with service animals must obtain a copy of the university's Care and Responsibility of Service Animals Procedure.

Emotional Support Animals

Students seeking to bring an emotional support animal into campus housing must meet with an advisor from Accessibility Services on their campus to determine if this is a reasonable accommodation. Students will be asked to provide documentation of their disability which supports the need for an emotional support animal. Emotional support animals are not permitted in any area other than the student's assigned residence hall room. Students with an emotional support animal must obtain a copy of the university's Care and Responsibility of Emotional Support Animals Procedure.

Review of Accommodation Decisions

Any student with a complaint or grievance about an accommodation decision should submit a written request for review of the decision to the Title IX coordinator (who also serves as the university’s nondiscrimination coordinator and Section 504 coordinator), Matthias Rubekeil8 Abbott Park Place, Providence, RI, 02903, 401-598-2703.