Professional Culinary Skills - Certificate

This certificate is reserved for students in special industry partner programs. Culinary laboratory courses are delivered through a multimedia environment where students focus on the progressive development and practice of culinary skills, product identification, and cooking methods, then expand to the study of classical and contemporary techniques and flavor profiles used in the production of the major world cuisines. Students begin to explore alternative and emerging concepts in culinary science and culinary nutrition including the link between food and health.  

While pursuing this professional culinary skills certificate, students learn the competencies to sit for a Conference for Food Protection approved Food Safety Manager Certification Exam.

Graduates of the program have the opportunity to gain employment in the food service industry or to further their education by continuing on to an associate or bachelor's degree program. Recipients of the Professional Culinary Skills Certificate can apply all credits to the A.A.S. in Professional Culinary Studies degree program.

Upon completion of the certificate, graduates are expected to:

  • Execute professional cooking methods and techniques to produce nutritious, high quality food.
  • Apply FDA recommended food safety and sanitation principles throughout the food production cycle with emphasis on production and service.

Professional Culinary Skills

An 19 semester credit program leading to the Professional Culinary Skills Certificate

CUL1100Introduction to Culinary Skills and Techniques3
CUL1200Introduction to Breakfast & Lunch Cooking3
CUL1310Principles of the Plate3
CUL1420Traditional Cooking Techniques3
CUL2900International Cuisine Culinary Capstone3
FSM1185Food Safety and Sanitation Management *1
SFS2110Culinary Science, Nutrition & Sensory Analysis3
Total Credits19.0

Students must pass a national exam that is recognized by the Conference for Food Protection as a graduation requirement.