Hospitality Management - Certificate

This certificate program will help improve your role as hospitality manager by developing strategies that can be applied to your teams in the workplace. This program covers a wide range of content, from building a loyal guest base to finances to team building, giving you a set of skills needed to be successful in a management role. Knowing how to handle multiple facets of the hospitality industry will help you manage your organization to its fullest potential as well.

Upon completion of this certificate program, individuals are expected to:

  • Examine and analyze social, multicultural and environmental issues and their impacts upon managerial practices in the global hospitality industry.

All credits successfully earned in the certificate program can be applied toward a graduate degree in hospitality.

Hospitality Management

A 12 semester credit program leading to the graduate Hospitality Management Certificate

HOSP6509Hospitality and Tourism Global Issues3
RSCH5700Research and Inquiry3
Choose two of the following:6
Strategic Marketing in Service Dominant Logic
Franchising and Licensing
Benchmarking and Operations Analysis in the Hospitality Industry
Corporate Social Responsibility
Competitive Strategies in Hospitality
Total Credits12.0