Hospitality Management - A.S.

The Hospitality Management associate degree program introduces students to the dynamic world of hospitality. Students learn about the various business segments within the hospitality industry, and they can use their major electives and free electives to further explore their area of interest. Students enrolled in this program can apply all credits toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Apply the major concepts, skills and values of the hospitality industry in managing day-to-day hospitality operations.
  • Apply the foundational skills and concepts necessary for career growth into a wide range of management positions.
  • Utilize logic and critical thinking skills in a hospitality environment to create solutions for guests and other stakeholders. 

Hospitality Management

A two-year program leading to an associate degree

Major Courses
Technology in the Hospitality Industry
Food Service in Hospitality and Tourism
Orientation to the Hospitality Industry
Managing the Hotel Guest Experience
Hospitality Sales and Meeting Management
Human Resources Management in Service Organizations
Dynamics of Tourism and Sustainability
Major Electives6
Choose 6 credits from the following:
The Business of Event Management
Beverage Appreciation
Food Service Operations
The Gaming Industry
Exploring the Private Club Industry
Food Culture and Tourism
World Geography for Tourism and Hospitality
Related Professional Studies3
Accounting for Hospitality Service Organizations
A&S Core Experience
Communications Foundation Courses 9
Rhetoric & Composition I
Rhetoric & Composition II
Communication Skills
Integrative Learning 3
One ILS course at the 2000 level
Arts and Humanities3
Ethics: A Global Perspective
A Survey of College Mathematics
Social Science3
Foundations of Leadership Studies
Free Electives9
9 credits selected from 1000–4999 numbered offerings within the university
Total Credits60.0

NOTE: Students must pass MATH0010 Pre-Algebra or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in required math course(s).

Note: Students must pass ENG0001 Writing Workshop or have equivalent placement scores to enroll in ILS 2000-level courses