Sommelier Management - MINOR

The College of Food Innovation & Technology offers a Sommelier Management minor (15 credits) that strengthens the qualifications of graduates preparing for management careers in the beverage industry. The minor is intended to provide students with the skills and expertise to enhance their major field of studies, particularly in food service management or restaurant management. The added beverage specialization will develop students’ abilities to effectively analyze, serve, sell, market and manage commercially important beverages, especially wine and spirits. There is a focus on food pairing principles, beverage menu development, server staff training, costing methodologies and inventory control systems for the purchase, storage, distribution and sales of beverages.

Online students must be of legal drinking age; 21 years of age in the US or of minimum legal drinking age in the country where they are attending the course. Please note that we periodically ask students to provide us with a government ID showing their date of birth.

Sommelier Management


CUL3020Foundations of Wine3
CUL4020New World Wines3
CUL4030Old World Wines3
CUL4185Sommelier Capstone3
Choose one of the following electives: *3
Foundations of Fermented Foods
Exploring Cheese
Exploring Mead and Honey
Brewing Arts
Coffee, Tea and Non-alcoholic Beverage Specialist
Volcanic Island Wines: The Azores and Madeira #
Exploring Ciders and Fruit Wines
Spirits and Mixology Management
British Practical Brewing #
Sommelier Training #
The Business of Alcohol Distribution, Retail and Sales
Total Credits15.0

Students are responsible for meeting prerequisites.


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If a minor course is listed as a major course in a student’s major program, the student must choose additional courses from an elective list to complete the minor. Please see the Minors, Specializations and Certificates page for additional information.