Food Innovation & Technology - M.S.

The Food Innovation & Technology master's degree program explores the complexities of a global food system. The program provides an opportunity for students to analyze the impact food has on people, industries and the environment. Students employ disruptive models and technologies to challenge existing systems, products and processes, developing innovative solutions that address systemic issues.   

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Analyze the global relationship between food, society, business, government, and the environment.
  • Propose solutions to systemic food system issues that consider the perspective of all users and the potential impact to the food system. 
  • Organize collaborative diverse teams dedicated to solving systemic food system issues.
  • Disseminate empirical research findings.

Food Innovation & Technology

Master of Science

Prerequisite Course *
LAW2001The Legal Environment of Business I3
Core Courses
FOOD5030Shaping the Future of Food3
FOOD6030Food Innovation & Technology Capstone3
HSC6110Epidemiology and Food Safety **3
IDES5030Food Systems Design Methodology3
LAW5410Food Law and Policy **3
MGMT5800Effective Leadership3
MGMT5575Operations Management3
MGMT6310Designing & Managing Supply Chains3
RSCH5700Research and Inquiry3
SOC5030The Global Food System3
Total Credits30.0-33.0

Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to or concurrently with core courses.


Course may be offered online only.