Public Health - M.P.H.

The Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree is a 45-credit hybrid graduate program that trains students to solve 21st-century public health problems. Public health is an interdisciplinary field, incorporating theories and skills from numerous other disciplines. Students in the JWU M.P.H. program learn across the continuum of public health knowledge, from the social determinants of health and policy to the core principles of epidemiology, biostatistics and research. Designed to meet the Council on Education for Public Health’s accreditation standards, the M.P.H. integrates foundational knowledge and competencies throughout the curriculum, so students learn how to use public health skills within numerous different content areas.  

With full-time (two-year) and part-time (four-year) options, the JWU M.P.H. program is flexible to the needs of our students. Prior experience in public health or healthcare is not needed, and applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The curriculum is based on current best practices and emphasizes application of knowledge to solve real-world issues. Courses are specifically designed to prepare students for an independent, applied practicum experience and to train students to make immediate impacts on the public’s health after graduation.  

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to:

  • Use practice- and research-based epidemiological methodologies to assess the health of a population.

  • Develop a public health intervention using foundational knowledge to improve community health.

  • Evaluate the impact of public health programs and policy using observational, experimental or quasi-experimental methodologies.

  • Evaluate the effect of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on individual and community health.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to create and promote an environment that supports healthy decision-making.

Public Health 

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Core Courses
HSC5020Foundations of Public Health3
HSC5080Health and Healthcare *3
HSC5100Healthy Planet3
HSC5120Health Trends3
HSC5150Chronic Disease Prevention and Control3
HSC5180Discrimination and Health3
HSC5220Insights into Vulnerable Populations3
HSC5260Advocating for Healthier Diets *3
HSC5290Combatting Infectious Disease3
HSC5320Cultural Competency to Improve Health3
HSC5350Diversity, Equity and Inclusion *3
HSC5380Policy of Addiction3
HSC5420Community Organizing3
HSC6120Improving Community Health3
HSC6920Public Health Capstone3
Total Credits45.0

Courses may only be available online. Students should consult with their academic advisor regarding course availability and for planning purposes.